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Replay: meditatehere HR session for League members

League and recently hosted a short orientation for a 6-month free offer for select League partners to offer this online meditation platform to their employee base.

meditatehere is an online community designed to help teach and deliver the benefits of meditation to remote and hybrid working individuals and companies.  Help employees find some peace of mind while working with guided micro meditations, live Zoom meditations, and practical tips from world class teachers. This ancient practice becomes a powerful tool to deal with the stresses of modern work life.

    Meditation in the flow of work

    Help your employees feel so much better through meditation. League has teamed with meditatehere to offer a free online meditation platform for 6 months. Using the platform, your employees can expect:

    • Less stress

    • Better ability to think clearly

    • More calm

    • Less fatigue

    • To feel so much better

    • To meditate anywhere, on any device

    Replay: Offer review

    What's inside the platform:
    -  "How to meditate" instructions

    -  Guided micro meditations

    -  Live Zoom meditation link

    -  Learning to establish meditation routines

    -  Community and connection

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    Offer Summary: How Your Team Can Redeem


    Your team members can use promo code “DEEPBREATH-LEAGUE” in the League Lifemarket  to redeem a free 6 month membership to meditatehere ($35 value). Offer expires June 30, 2022.

    CAD link:

    USD link:

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