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"Lunch & Learn: Build a Lifelong Meditation Practice in 5 Days"

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Why Lunch & Learn?

Our experience teaching meditation confirms that a few days with an experienced teacher makes 

a big difference in a learner's success to establish a meditation habit. And everyone needs to eat lunch.

Just as lunch is a habit, so too is meditation. Pretty soon you won't think of it as "I am now going to meditate," you will just weave it into your daily routine. You will be a meditator and your life experience will begin to see the long-term benefits.  How far and deep you want to go with it is up to you.

 But we guarantee we will give you the skill and get you started down the path.

Begins April 17

30 mins @ Noon-12:30 each day

This time-efficient program is for you if:

  • You want to be mentally present in your own life, instead of always being distracted, harried, or irritable.


  • You want to beat stress and negative thinking.


  • You want to think more clearly and solve problems in your life.


  • You want to enjoy your life more and deal with your co-workers and family with more patience and grace.


  • You no longer want to be cork bobbing helplessly on stormy oceans of thought; but instead you want to be able to access the deep calm and personal serenity that lies beneath the waves and bring that equanimity to everything in your life. 


  • You are ready to really thrive.

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Talk soon, Emily

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