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Get Ready to Transform Your Life



Lunch & Learn with meditatehere:

Build a Lifelong Meditation Habit in 5 Days

(April 17-21)


  • Sessions are live and in person, with world-class teacher Emily Deslaurier.

  • People get the meditation habit more easily with in-person instruction.


  • Results Guaranteed. If you have always wanted this ability, this personal program is for you.


  • Only 30 mins per day for 5 days! Regardless of how busy you are, you can experience all the benefits of a mind that is clear, present and ready to thrive. 


  • Live a life that feels connected and fulfilling.

  • Price of US$73.50 / C$99 includes all live instruction, free app, all bonus materials, and recordings.


Here’s what you can expect from

Lunch & Learn: Build a Lifelong Meditation Practice in 5 Days:​

  • Five live sessions with Emily (each only 30 minutes long) at 12 PM PT (April 17-21).

  • Sessions will give you the essence of meditation and teach you how to anchor a short meditation habit in your busy day using the latest behavioral science research around habit formation.

  • Recordings of all live sessions so you can view them anytime. Don’t worry if you miss a session.

  • You will be meditating from Day 1. No prior experience necessary.

  • Includes five powerful tailored micro-meditations that you can use anytime to develop your practice and use before sleep, ahead of that big meeting, or winding your work day down. 

  • All your questions answered. Emily will answer all your questions about meditation and habit building. She’ll also share the most common challenges and how to address them.

  • Understand how to choose the right meditation for you. Emily will explain common stressors and which type of meditation to choose.

  • Deep insights into the brain science behind why meditation works. Understand why it works and how it changes your brain, nervous system and more.

  • BONUS: 1-year premium access to the meditatehere app ($60 value) to get access to all our micro-meditation content to support your new practice. We’re here to support you and your meditation all year long.

  • BONUS: Access to our insightful regular emails which contain research and wisdom about meditation and how you can implement strategies to feel so much better every day.

  • BONUS: A complete guide to your meditation toolkit. Even if you stop, you’ll have the tools to get started again. 

  • BONUS: Workbook with key practices, exercises, and key points from the masterclass to help lock in the habit for life.


Here’s what our community members are saying:

“Before meditatehere, I couldn’t figure out how to do meditate. I’d tried apps, classes and more. Nothing worked for me. Meditatehere’s supportive and micro approach was the first experience where I got it. Life changing!”

  • Ryan T., Customer Service Manager

“I started medidatehere reluctantly.  Over the years I have found I am unable to clear my mind, even during the best massage treatments, and coupled with that I felt it would be one more thing I had to add to my day, and that was not something I could get on board with. 


From my first meditation, I have been hooked.  This is something manageable for those that want to reduce their stress, or just do something for themselves, and the benefits sneak right up on you. The 5 minutes are over in a flash, and I have a sense of peace, well-being, and even a bit of "yay me" for indulging in a bit of self-care. 


And if you worry as I did about a wandering mind, she gives you a perfect tool to reign that back in.  I’m a mediatehere user for life.”


  • Jen, Sr. Associate in Health Care Search


“meditatehere is an amazing platform for introducing you to the practice of meditation. They make it easy, approachable and flexible to suit your schedule.”

  • Camille K., Marketing Executive

“meditatehere is an amazing introduction into the world of meditation and mindfulness! Well-structured and guided, it gave me the skills to use mediation as a personal, mental super-power!”

  • Eric S., Analyst, Deloitte




What if I can’t attend Lunch & Learn: Build a Lifelong Meditation Practice in 5 Days live?

No problem at all. You’re busy and we understand that. You’re a part of our community and we’re here to support you. You will receive the video and any other supporting materials each day so you can review on your own time. You will have access to these videos and materials after the program. Further, if you have any questions, you can email Emily throughout the program for help. 

What if the  Lunch & Learn: Build a Lifelong Meditation Practice in 5 Days is not for me? Do you offer a refund?

Yes. If you don’t feel you got the value desired from this program, we will offer a refund up to 14-days after completion of the program. Simply email us at

How much time do I need to meditate per day?

This is the best part. We’ve studied this deeply and you can get results by meditating in as little as 3-minutes a day. 

Can I really develop a habit and stay motivated to keep it going?

Short answer - yes. By integrating behavioral science developed at Stanford and other institutions, we’ll give you a simple guide that will help you ensure this becomes a part of your regular routine in minimal time, with minimal effort and with maximum benefits. 

In addition to the habit, can these meditations help with things like sleep, inability to focus, relaxation, and stress?

Yes, and more. We’ll get you in the flow with our micro-meditations (each one is 3-5 minutes). Further, with free access to our premium app, we have a long list of meditations to support you for any of your wellness goals. 



Hi. I'm Emily. I'll be your teacher. Looking forward to meeting you!



Emily is an educator with over 15 years of experience in the field of meditation. Growing up doing yoga as a child she was inspired to pursue formal yoga and meditation training alongside university studies in kinesiology and health education. She has adapted several ancient wellness practices from Indian and Chinese lineages into the modern tools and philosophies she uses in her classes, recordings and retreats today. Emily’s expertise lies in creating custom meditation practices that reduce stress and enhance vitality in educational and meaningful ways. These practices can be described as clear with a sense of spaciousness, steadiness and ease. You will leave Emily‘s sessions feeling recharged, re-centred and more connected to yourself.

Program includes free 1-Year subscription to our app
($60 value)

Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 4.44.44 PM.png
  • Features micro-meditations to use anywhere

  • Be ready for tough meetings or stressful situations

  • Great to help you sleep

  • Ideal for remote workers

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