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Do New Year's Resolutions Work?

According to research, no. A recent study out of the UK and Australia found that about 65% of people will abandon their resolutions within the first month. So why is that and what can you do to set yourself up for success this year?

The Timing

First of all, there is a lot of pressure to align with the new calendar year and start fresh but the wisdom of nature tells us that it’s not the best time. For over 28,000 years we have been following the cycles of the moon, or lunar calendar, to measure time. This means our innate natural cycles are not synced with the Gregorian calendar, or January 1st. In many traditional cultures around the world the new year begins at the first new moon in January, which this year falls on January 22nd. Some traditional cultures even believe the true new year begins with the new growth of springtime. Try setting goals at the beginning of a natural cycle - a lunar cycle or seasonal cycle to take advantage of collective energy.

Your Environment

The environment around you plays a bigger role in habit forming than you think. Set yourself up for success by preparing for your new habit ahead of time. For example, your toothbrush is set up in the bathroom so you brush your teeth every morning. Can you set up a meditation cushion at the end of your bed so you are forced to walk by it every morning and every night? By stacking the meditation habit with other activities you already do every day you will be more likely to succeed.

Know your why!

Habit building can be compared to breaking a new trail through the woods. It would be much easier to take the main path so you are likely to be tempted to turn back. But if you're patient and you're willing to go at a slower pace while you're forging the new trail you will be rewarded eventually. Knowing your motivation, your values and your why will keep you on track when the going gets tough and when it takes longer than you think!

Who here would like to incorporate more meditation into their work day? Have you downloaded the meditatehere app yet? It will make your new habit much easier to stick with.

Wishing you all the best in 2023,


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