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Our Teachers

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Hailey O'Hara
Meditation Teacher

For over twelve years, I have been guiding classes, international trainings, and retreats, sharing the practice of meditation in a way that is accessible and relevant in today's world. My interest lies in the merging of western psychology and eastern wisdom and I’ve explored this through dedicated personal practice and over 1000 hours of formal yoga and meditation trainings. I’ve studied traditional methods under the guidance of teachers in India and Indonesia and modern applications under the mentorship of a Canadian psychotherapist and am currently working on a Master's Degree in Psychology.

I’ve taught meditation in a number of corporate settings in both Canada and the UK and have witnessed the far-reaching effects of the practice on mental health and wellbeing. I believe meditation is the anecdote to the stresses of modern life and offers a simple, practical, and incredibly effective tool to help us harness our creativity, sharpen our focus, enhance relationships, improve sleep and live more fully in each moment. 

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Emily Deslaurier

Meditation Teacher

Emily is an educator with over 15 years of experience in the field of meditation. Growing up doing yoga as a child she was inspired to pursue formal yoga and meditation training alongside university studies in kinesiology and health education. She has adapted several ancient wellness practices from Indian and Chinese lineages into the modern tools and philosophies she uses in her classes, recordings and retreats today. Emily’s expertise lies in creating custom meditation practices that reduce stress and enhance vitality in educational and meaningful ways. These practices can be described as clear with a sense of spaciousness, steadiness and ease. You will leave Emily‘s sessions feeling recharged, re-centred and more connected to yourself.

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