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Introducing the meditatehere membership:

Your Path to Balance, Fulfillment, and Wellbeing


Do you feel like life is an unending whirlwind, leaving you overwhelmed, stressed, and disconnected from the moments that matter most? If you're like many in our community, you've shared these sentiments - the chaos of life, the struggle to quiet your mind, and the desire to find more peace.


We understand it’s hard to prioritize your mental wellbeing. That's why we've created the meditatehere membership designed specifically for individuals like you who are ready to transform your life and reclaim inner peace without adding to your already overflowing to-do list.




At meditatehere, we know that you are time crunched. That's why we've developed micro-meditations that can easily integrate into your daily routine. These bite-sized moments of tranquility will help you reduce stress, increase resilience, and restore balance immediately.


But we offer more than meditation. Our expert teachers are here to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. They will provide you with practical micro-wisdom and tools to help you integrate inner calm and purpose into your daily life. With their guidance, you'll effortlessly navigate the challenges of your professional and personal life.


Backed by Neuroscience


Micro-meditation and its vast benefits are backed by neuroscience. Scientific studies demonstrate that short meditations have a significant impact on cognitive functioning, emotional regulation, reducing negative mood states and anxiety.


Download membership now!

14-day free trial (cancel anytime)


Delivered by World Class Meditation Experts


Hailey and Emily have spent over two decades studying and practicing meditation all over the world. They share a deep belief that you don’t need to sit in an ashram for hours, it truly only takes a few minutes to experience profound benefit. 


Your Transformation


With the meditatehere membership, you will experience a profound shift in being. From stressed, time crunched, and imbalanced, you will live a life characterized by inner calm, purpose, and an unwavering connection to yourself and the world around you no matter how chaotic it is.


With membership, you will get:

  • Micro-meditations to suit your busy life. Most meditations are only a few minutes long so you can tap into calm anytime, anywhere. You can access everything online and in our app.


  • Designed for you. Our micro-meditations are crafted to meet you at any part of your day or any state of mind. Whether you’re preparing for big meeting, seeking to quiet your mind, or unwind at the end of your day, you’ll find the peace you’re looking for.


  • Micro-wisdom. Learnings direct from our expert teachers. Gain insights into how meditation can add depth and meaning to your life, improve relationships, and give you mental ease during your day.


  • Direct access to teachers. You can contact us anytime with questions about meditation and instilling calm into your life. We’re here for you.


  • BONUS: Learn to Meditate by Hailey O’Hara ($90 value!). A concise four-part video and audio series that gets you started or re-started on your meditation path. From the basics to realizing your infinite potential, Hailey guides you on your path to grace.


What our members say:


“The meditatehere membership is something manageable for those that want to reduce their stress, or just do something for themselves, and the benefits sneak right up on you. The 3-minutes are over in a flash, and I have a sense of peace, well-being, and even a bit of "yay me" for indulging in a bit of self-care.”


  • Jen, Mother & Executive


“Before meditatehere, I couldn’t figure out how to meditate. I’d tried apps, classes and more. Nothing worked for me. Meditatehere’s supportive and micro approach was the first experience where I got it. Life changing!”

  • Ryan, Customer Service Manager


“meditatehere is an amazing platform for introducing you to the practice of meditation. They make it easy, approachable and flexible to suit your schedule.”

  • Camille, Marketing Executive


“meditatehere is an amazing introduction into the world of meditation and mindfulness! Well-structured and guided, it gave me the skills to use mediation as a personal, mental super-power!”

  • Eric, Senior Analyst


You’re a click away from finding instant, sustainable calm. When you join you have 14 days to try it for free. 


You deserve to prioritize your wellbeing. It's time to invest in yourself and create a life of balance, fulfillment, and joy. The meditatehere membership is your ticket to a brighter future.


Download membership now!

14-day free trial (cancel anytime)


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